Writing and the Writing Process

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” 

We value a lot of things and writing is one of them.  

This year, we want to share and honor this love for writing some more starting with the right mindset -- We are ALL writers -- so let's BE writers.  We believe that just as long as you have something to say, are willing to work on arriving at the best way you know how to say what is in you, and keep at it to see the pieces develop and evolve, then you ARE a writer. At some point you might want to share versions and iterations of these ideas, thoughts, feelings, opinions and interpretations of the world to someone else or a wider audience and that's fine because that's part of writing too.  

Write on! 
Which brings me here...the writer's writing process.  Every writer has one... (press play to view keynote via Haiku Deck) and publishing is only part of it.  

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Anyway, I am excited to collect ideas, draft, revise, proofread and publish with you.  We will respect the/your/our process/es and work on skills per part along the way as we see fit.   There will be  various spaces and opportunities for us, (yes us) to write and workshop what we write (through our gift to you - your personal writing journals; we will have our own as well). We will also be more sensitive to everyone's level of readiness to share what each of you come up with to an audience.  We understand that these levels are different from person to person. Publishing beyond the classroom will happen but when and where, it will be up to you.  

If you haven't received your writer's journal yet, it's coming, don't worry.  :)  The gift is on its way.  

Man, I love writing - from the process (blood, sweat and tears) to the "product" (never really done).  

When I write, I am able to have a conversation with the page and myself, and often times, with others I know and well, the rest of the world I don't know. When I write, I get to clarify what I am thinking, address questions, plug loopholes, and refine my assertions.  I get to somehow make sense of my experiences and emotions, sometimes surrender to things that are painful so I can forgive and in the end, find a lesson, embrace the point,  express gratitude and love for this life even if I end up with more questions.  Writing has also allowed me to experiment with language, hone my craft, grow my art and tell stories. 

Words come together, lines form in surprising ways and paragraphs take compelling shapes. No draft is ever really done so I keep at it. The work continues because as Paul Valery asserts, "A piece of writing is never really finished, only abandoned."   I really do hope I do a good job of sharing this love for writing with you. That is one of my goals this year.  

Finally, a word from Sylvia Plath...  And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt."  

And with that, let the writing process begin...

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