The Five Elements and the UWCSEA Learner Profile

I believe that learning is a process and it involves a lot of risk taking, asking questions, reflection, articulation and metacognition.  It also needs some kind of structure that will enable all of us to reflect and articulate what we are learning, understanding, beginning to know and  know for sure effectively.  UWCSEA is at the threshold, going full on with a program that promises to be coherent and  relevant and applicable to our school's ethos and reality.  

Which brings me here.  Enter, the Five elements and the UWCSEA learner profile.  The thing is, Mr. R is right.  It's one thing to have a lot of these terms and ideas swimming around in what we "say." But what will make the difference is seeing how these elements and attributes appear in what we do, how we think, how we live, who we become.  And before that happens, and happen organically or intentionally, we all need to understand, internalize and own these elements, traits and characteristics.  

In this light, I have taken a lot of what Mr. R said in his post about our intention when it comes to program, its elements and habits of mind.  

We will spend the year trying to familiarize ourselves with the three main features of the UWCSEA experience. We hope that this page can act as a one stop shop for access to the Elements and the Learner Profile to help us build our portfolios.

Framed by the Five Elements 

Inside the circle of the five Elements you will notice the Learner Profile and the Mission and Values. Our hope from all our work is that you begin to authentically "Get it"-- in a way that will help you succeed and gain a level of fulfillment from your learning. 

Mr. R has combed through the texts and identified  keywords that we can use as Labels (Tags) on our blogs to help manage where and when we show signs of understanding the Elements and characteristic of the Learner Profile.

Every time you write a post about anything ask yourself, 

Does this post shed light on, explore or define any of these terms.

If it does than use that word as a tag. Here are some tags words to help you. 

Labels (Tags):

Service, Academic, Outdoor Education, Personal and Social Education, Activities 

Critical Thinker, Problem Solver, Inquiry, Questioning, Connection, Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation 

Concerned, Committed, Stewardship, Caring, Empathy, Compassion, Open-minded, Service, Sustainability

Creative and Innovative, Originality, Imagination, Curiosity, Adaptability, Connection, Persistence Risk-taking 

Principled, Integrity, Honesty, Responsibility, Respect, Fairness 

Collaborative, Cooperation, Participation, Leadership, Flexibility, Adaptability, Responsibility, Trust 

Resilient, Optimism, Confidence, Courage, Diligence, Perseverance

Communicator, Communication, Interpretation, Perspective, Intent 

Self Aware, Self-discipline, Self-esteem, Self-confidence, Reflection 

Self Manager, Metacognition, Independence, Perseverance, Diligence, Organisation, Responsibility

Another challenge for all of you is to create your own list of tags/keywords synonymous to these.  How will you make this language your own?  How will you use these terms in the most authentic/personal way?  Show us. 

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