Creating Collaborative Conversations in the Classroom 2014 (EARCOS and Learning 2.013) : Resources


Today's Meet Link:  EARCOS

Other Stuff:
Check out this video from an old post.  
Might help reluctant bloggers or creators of content. Also, my post on being a connected learner. 

Link to Kaymin's blog  
Seth Godin Video on blogging

On The Harkness Table
Rationale and Protocol 
The Table 

Jabiz's Remix of the Protocol

Tricia Friedman's  Remix of the Protocol

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

On Blogging
What It Might Be - Authentic Student Blogging 
Blogs from the Mouth of Babes
Reasons for blogging 
How to help reluctant teachers to blog: Maybe show them this.

Learning 2.013 Videos
The Innovation of Loneliness

Where Good Ideas Come From

Special thanks to Heather Dowd from SAS for her awesome resources on blogging. :)

Link to our Learing 2.013  Extended Session blog.  Bookmark it, like right now.
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