Sunday, 1 September 2013

Making Connections: I am a learner too

So, it's been two weeks since Day 1 and I am stoked.  

I've been inspired by your questions, your enthusiasm, your openness and your positive energy. Thank you for making the beginning of the year very special. It's been time well spent setting up our physical, as well as the different bits of our virtual, learning spaces. There's a few more protocols to put into place but for now, we have what we need. August has been great, right? I can only imagine what September has in store for all of us. :)

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea just to recap some of the big ideas that we tackled early on last week. I learned a lot listening to your conversations.  I also appreciated seeing the diversity and the commonalities of the things you read, watched, viewed, consumed last summer. It was interesting because from that we talked a lot about making connections. Whether it's connecting different texts we've read (our summer reading trails), to connecting to ideas with our peers at the table (The Harkness table discussions) , to connecting the different parts of us that form who we are, all of the lines that move from one person to another, to one idea to another, to one realization to another, in the end, as we looked at the connections blobs on the white board, it wasn't hard to see that we all connect somehow. The intersections, extensions and entanglements - of our ideas, choices, preferences, questions that we ask, and the selves that form based on our contexts and experiences -- become the basis for our capacity to grow as individuals and to grow as a community.  We cannot learn, grow, live in isolation.  We need each other. So yeah, I told you it was so much more than just "so, what did you read last summer?"   What was your main take away from our initial classes?  

Anyway, I have linked the chart from our mini-lesson on making connections below. These mini-lesson charts will stay up on our walls so that you can refer to them easily when you are in class. You will find the same charts in our class notes and maybe this blog.  And oh, just like you, I am a learner too. A recent iPad app discovery has allowed me to make our simple chart look a little cooler on our online spaces.  Check out a spruced up version (through Haiku Deck) below as well.  I hope both versions help us remember, apply, practice the skills and learn them for keeps.  :)  

Our classroom chart 
Just press play >

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

So, until my next entry...I hope you guys had a great weekend.  Here's to a spectacular week ahead.  

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