Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spring Break Project: "Invisible"

The second prompt went like this ...

The Invisible Person

Life kept rolling her over   
like a piece of driftwood

in the surf of an angry sea   
she was intelligent and beau-

tiful and well-off she made   
friends easily yet she wasn’t

able to put the pieces to-
gether into any recognizable

shape   she wasn’t sure who   
she wanted to be   so she

ended up being no one in par-
ticular   she made herself al-

most invisible   she was the   
person you loved so much who

really wasn’t there at all.

She was tired of being invisible. So she wrote her life story on the walls of her ancestral home.  Everyone will think it's a kung fu super hero's journey but in between the lines, she penned the most intimate and detailed story of the secret compartments and complicated intricacies of her existence. She wrote about her dreams, loves found and lost, sin and redemption, real forgiveness, surrendering and letting go.  She wrote about what made her angry, vulnerable and lonely. She also wrote at length about what gave her strength, integrity and joy.  She came up with lists upon lists of things she was grateful for.  And yes, a long list of regrets.  She drew some, stuck some and edited herself a lot. It took her 3 months, 2 weeks and a couple of days to feel satisfied with the telling of her story.  Once she was done, she took one tan vintage suitcase and walked out the door.  Nobody every saw her again but her story lives on.  Narratives are written everywhere -- books, journals, skin, walls-- she thought.  She chose to disappear in the end. But she will never be invisible again.  

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