Thursday, 28 March 2013

Spring Break Project and a Pledge

Hey, I have an idea...

It's the first day of spring break and the possibilities of what can be done during this time seem endless.  I love it that there's this space now and many hours to do the  things we always think about and wish we could be doing when we are extremely busy.  And yes, since coming back from Chinese New Year break,  it has been non-stop teaching and learning action, from reading class novels to discussing and now writing about those texts -- novel/fictionalized autobiography.  Anyway, now that we are here at the very beginning of spring break, the last thing I want to do is watch time slip away in between marking/assessing your work, TV shows, walks along the beach, reading books for pleasure and my recent preoccupation, gaming chapters (in this case, Limbo) -- all of which are worthy exploits especially during the holidays but as much as I want to rest and recover during this time, I also want to be productive and creative. Being creative for someone like me means writing and taking photos.  So, I'd really like to fill my time with words and images.  What does being creative mean to you?

Anyway, taking the photos won't be too hard.  I do it almost everyday through my iPhone and Instagram.  In terms of writing though, I want to be able to create opportunities to work on my craft during this break. No pressure just a promise that I will spend at least an hour everyday writing in these two weeks.  To help me, I will post a visual writing prompt every other day just so that I have a place to start, then use this blog (create a new entry) to write something, anything related to the prompt.  Some prompts I will pull from different areas in the internet, some I hope to create from my own photos and words.  :)

I am writing about it here because it would be great if you could join me.  I know, I've asked you write some kind of a draft for your essay or your feature article during the break and that's fine. (yeah, I love you too).

But maybe during your work breaks or between sight seeing or hanging out with friends, you will also find the time to engage in this Spring Break Project.  I'd love to see what you create and produce.  You can write, draw, compose -- anything, just as long as there is a written component to your creation.  Write me a comment below if you are interested. Then let's follow our RSS feeds to see what people post.  :)


For today's prompt, here's a simple one.   Give it a try ... as will I.
Prompt by John T. Spencer 

So yeah, a pledge and a project for Spring Break. Let the writing begin.  (Um, after I check everyone submissions in Google drive, of course. :) )


  1. Ok, so just to be clear, the projects it to write and take photo's over the holidays?

    1. Hi Sam!
      I will be posting those writing the one up there. And we try to write something about it. Right now, it's about a magical camera. I am composing mine still and need to put up another prompt. That's on its way. :) Email me if you have more questions! :)

    2. Ok :) I'll try to do a couple of them :)