Thursday, 28 March 2013

Spring Break Greeting

Well, here we are.  Getting ready to face a much anticipated break. Where did March go?  Anyway,  good luck with your submissions tonight and tomorrow.  Whether you are submitting the Feature Article task sheet for Grade 8 or the Literary Essay outline for Grade 7, I am sending you original, creative and innovative writing vibes.  We did a lot of thinking, discussing, asking questions and clarifying this week and now it's time to arrange our thoughts and insights into some structured form to be able to write about our understanding in a compelling way.

Looking forward to seeing all the hard work take its written form when we get back.

Don't forget to start writing a workable draft during the break so that we can workshop what you have first thing when we all get back.

 In the meantime,
Pick up a book while you are at it, why don't you.  I'll ask you about what you read for pleasure during the break as well.

Have an awesome, restful break everyone.


  1. Love the picture!! I will definitely chill out but still do homework....
    Have a great Easter Break and chill out too!! :)
    Love Celoa

  2. Hi Celia!
    Hahaha. Take some days off ...
    Will work at some point too but yes, will take my own advice. :)

    Looking forward to seeing what adventures you have during the break through your blog! :)

    Ms. P

  3. Ms. P,

    Yes, I love the picture aswell! I'm trying to get most of my work done at the beginning of the holidays so I can be completely chill for the rest :). Have a great holiday!

    Rommy x