Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Helping Hand

We have an idea. 
It's true and I tell you this over and over again.  That we, teachers, constantly reflect on 
our practice and our lives as learners too. 
 So, Mr. Raisdana and I have some questions -- how else can we help you?  How
else can we be there to support your learning in the spaces we have created together? 
Also, do you feel like you are a bit confused in English class? Did you have issue with 
your thesis or writing a paragraph? Does the text that everyone seems to understand 
feel a bit dense to you? Wish you could talk to someone a bit more about 
how to write a lead or a poem or a blog post?

Well, we have taken a page from the Math Department 
and would like to
 offer extra time to help everyone get the most from our English Classes. 

Every Monday at lunch 1:00pm to 1:40pm, in B509 or B508 we will open our doors 
to anyone who wants any extra help in all things English. 

We can discuss a text more deeply, help you do research, or fine tune your writing.
Maybe you just need a quiet place to read and can use some help annotating your text? 
You tell us what you need, and we will design a program for whoever comes 
through our doors.  What it is not however, is a time to catch up on homework or complete late 
class tasks.  It's time to clarify things, practice some skills with guidance or perhaps, hash out
ideas for the table, your current project, a blog post, other written work you want to revisit and

We will begin on Monday February 25th in my room. See you there.  :) 

A little help from your teachers


  1. This is a really good idea to help students that sometimes struggle in class. I might come in a few times :)

    Sammie <3