Monday, 14 January 2013

Attention Grade 8: If you are submitting a digital story this is meant for YOU

ONLY because we love you, here's a post with instructions from Mr. Raisdana and I. 

Hi grade eights!

I know you are super busy and that we keep piling on the work: :)
  1. Digital Stories and Photo Essays for the  Chiang Mai Project
  2. Revisions for paragraphs for Murikami and Gish Jen 
  3. Reading Adiga for the in class written pieces and planning for that 
  4. Portfolios! 
Wow, will it ever end? Um, nope because we have one more thing that needs to get done
for the curation of your Chiang Mai Project Exhibits/Galleries!   
 I know, I know we are sorry.

As your stories come in on Wednesday or Thursday this week, 
we still need a way to share them with people in a non-digital way. While each class will have a 
portfolio page like these on Vimeo, we still need to direct traffic from the eighth grade pod 
and the library to these digital spaces. How will we do this I hear you asking? 
Posters and QR codes.

You have been asked to upload your completed stories to a Google Drive folder that we have 
shared with you. Please also create an additional Pages poster

On this poster you must include:
  1. An image from your story: Still shot frame or photograph from your story.
  2. A title
  3. A tag line or piece of text that hooks the reader (Optional)
  4. Your name
Here is an example:

Don't worry about the QR code for now. Once I have all the videos uploaded, I will create a 
table with all the URLs, and I will email instructions on how to create a QR. At which time 
you will go back into the Drive folder and add the QR code to your poster and come to class 
on Tuesday, Jan 22 with it printed out.
Mr. Raisdana promises that it's an easy addition to everything else you have to do. :)  But
please add any questions below.  

Okay, that's it.  Good luck and may the force the be with us.  

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