Saturday, 8 December 2012

A re-blog from clue: a space

Congratulations, Solal!  

Most Influential Education Blog Post of 2012

Great news! Our very own Solal has been nominated for an Edublog Award, 
by Edublogs- The World's most popular education blogging service!

His post Being a Social Outcast has been nominated for
 Most Influential Education Blog Post of 2012. 

How to Vote

Just go to the Vote Here link in the top navigation, choose the category you want to vote in, 
and then who you want to vote for!  Easy!

Remember that only one vote per day per category will be counted from the same location!
This means, if your school uses one IP address, you must vote from home.

If you are a student and you connected to his words please take the time to give him your vote. 
If you have come across this post from Twitter, take the time to vote as well.

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