Monday, 1 October 2012

Who are the People in your Neighborhood?

In light of Mr. R's recent post on rounding up our round ups, here's a look at his classes' posts for the week.  Go ahead. Check out these online spaces.  There's a lot of good stuff on different things under the sun.  So, lurk, read, comment and subscribe.  It's one diverse community we are trying to build.  One awesome one.  Share some links that rocked your world. Get cranking on your own posts so we can soon share your work too.  Enjoy and make that connection. :)

Connecting the dots 

  • Poster for Classroom- Wendy would love some quotes for this beautiful poster she made for our room. Help her out!
  • Great advise about boredom from Keito and another post about festivals. (He has been writing some great posts!)
  • Tell Naomi that we are all random and that we are here to help her share her ideas. Or talk to her about your "Random Sector" . Do you like cheese? Tell her about it.
  • Talk cats, BIG CATS with Pryia.
  • Sayantan flies a plane over Brazil!
  • Creepy doll stories  and how to be yourself by Tibor
  • Ananyan talks Michal Phelps
  • Powerful poem by Raj about the sick.
  • Ella talks blogging and whatever!
  • Glen writes about the long lines at lunch, the NBA and his love/hate relationship with Mc Donald's
  • Top Five songs of the week by India
  • More Football news from Kengo
  • iPhone 5 or Samsung? Have the debate on Joshua's latest post.
  • Talia Castellano's Inspiring Story by Lina
  • Maurius asks why the news is always so bad?
  • Michelle talks bugs and food
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