Sunday, 7 October 2012

Round up 3.0 plus a reblog and some music

Yup. It's about that time again -- round up Sunday and we are at Round Up 3.0.  It's timely too because if you read my earlier post , where I talk about writers' block, etc. coming up with a beefy list of your awesome posts just proves that the dry spells are seasonal and can be overcome.  
Anyway, here's another friendly reminder -- make sure you take the time to read over your RSS feeds, okay, and then visit, connect and comment on some of this week's round up of posts.   Here goes...
First up, take a look at these posts from the 7th graders as they share how and why people tell their stories. I took the liberty of quoting some lines.  
  • Boeun opens up here. "But when I am in a room all by myself, that makes me easy to think and I feel more brave and comfortable at writing. "
  • Caleb convinces me of the importance of sharing our lives with others.  "Stories are shared because if no one ever their stories it would be like we walked around the world with duck tape covering our thoughts and opinions about life, no one would be able to connect with anyone, and it would be as if you were roaming empty with no one but yourself to share with, you wouldn't grow as a person you'd just stay the same."
  • Georgina explores the different ways we can tell our stories.  "But thats not all the ways to share their stories, they can share them through paintings, sculptures, talking, everything that can show.I share my stories through art. I find it the best way to show my feelings. Where colors can express emotions, art is my escape."
  • Jimin says it like it is.  "So why do we share our stories to the world? We share because we want people to know, we want a voice in our world, we want something to change for us, something better for us. We want to express ourselves, in a way we can relate to, a way we can do without being scared to do so. A way we can change ourselves."
  • Kristina writes a heartfelt post behind her why. "We share our stories because we want to be able to connect with the people around us and find out things that we have in common. I share my stories to make my life more interesting and worth while. I mean, if I didn't share my past experiences I wouldn't know half the people I know now. I guess, that's why I believe in sharing stories. It doesn't matter how you share them, its just the fact of sharing them."
  • Denyvi looks at identity, heritage and art here. " Wether sharing your own personal experiences would come through writing a book or creating a piece of artwork, your personal identity is something that only you will be able to take hold of, so seize the day, make things happen, and live life to the fullest without any regrets."
  • Freya affirms her own process.  "So myself is me. Just me. No one else, but me. The best way for me to express myself and my personal experiences is to me, is to just be able to tell it like it is as if I am talking to you. I'm not brilliant at using lots of detail and showing vs. telling, but I do try. I've found that my writing is best and is easiest to me, when it's more casual. Just like for our blogs, it is very casual and simple. Which makes it more enjoyable. It is more relaxing that way and more simple."
  • Natalia candidly tells her  truth. And am glad she did.  "Identities is a funny word. No one has a true identity, its true. Theres always an inside you which is more confident, more loud and outgoing then the person you show you are. Admit it. At some point of your life you have felt this way or you are feeling this way.  Everyone has their little secret deep inside which they won't admit which is: I'm scared that I would be judged if I be my real self." 
  • Rebecca talks about what it means to be unique. "Being unique and original is how people see you for you."
  • Animesh' take on Why?  "We should share our stories because it is part of us as humans..." 
  • Aru kills it with two awesome posts.  Here and here.  Check it out.  "When someone tells you a story it talks about a moment. A moment which might not pay any importance in your life but as soon as someone shares it with you, it has already become a part of your life."
  • Dhruv's hilarious take on sharing objects and stories. "Our stories are not something that we shouldn't listen to. Telling our stories is not a bad thing. It is good. It makes us understand ourselves, understand others, and understand the human race. Our stories are full of learning and they will teach us forever. Keep telling them."
  • Ella also kills it with these insightful posts.  Here and here.  "Every single person on Earth has the right to tell a story and share something. The world is like a patchwork quilt, each piece unique and random. Our stories come from the deep pockets of the world and ourselves. We share because we want to. We share because we care. We share because we love. We share because we live."
  • Mizuki puts it simply here. "We share these stories because of one simple reason. We are human."  Full stop.
  • Navya asks herself an important question.  "We share stories to tell people about ourselves. If you hear a person's story, you might be able to make a connection with them, or you might not. But either way, you will have a little more knowledge of the person."
  • Nikita talks about photos here and how they also tell stories. "By telling our stories to others, I think we are actually sharing part of ourselves with them, a glimpse of our life, our experiences, and over all our personality.I think this sharing is important as it helps you to express yourself to others and let them express themselves in turn and maybe collaborate with them better." Check out her post on Art as well. Pretty neat.  
  • Make sure you stop by Rosie's blog. Lots of posts on different things. Visit, connect and comment. :)  Her story in photos is pretty cool.  
The 8th Graders also carved some time to let us in on what they are are some of their posts:
  • Rosie - two posts here and here. From the things you guys say in school to Free Hugs...go check it out. 
So wow. That's a lot of great stuff coming out from your amazing spaces.  Keep it coming.  And for those of you not sharing quite as much, here is my message courtesy of Anais Nin and Alexi Murdoch.  If it's only fear...then there's nothing to fear.  Come on. Join the conversation.  
"You must not fear, hold back, count or be a miser with your thoughts and feelings. It is also true that creation comes from an overflow, so you have to learn to intake, to imbibe, to nourish yourself and not be afraid of fullness. The fullness is like a tidal wave which then carries you, sweeps you into experience and into writing. Permit yourself to flow and overflow, allow for the rise in temperature, all the expansions and intensifications. Something is always born of excess: great art was born of great terrors, great loneliness, great inhibitions, instabilities, and it always balances them." 

Anaïs Nin in The Diary of Anais Nin, Vol. 4: 1944-1947
(inspired by Brain Pickings)

For Mr. R.'s round up, click here. A lot of great stuff coming out of their blogs too. :) 


  1. Thanks for putting up the blogs of some people. They really inspired me and I could see different peoples perspective and what they write about.

    1. Glad you found value in the round up. It's important we nurture others' spaces as well as our own. It's part of community building. :)