Thursday, 18 October 2012

Poetic Justice

Now this, this is poetry in motion.  
Check out Carlo's recent project. Remember him? He was the director of "The Haircut."  Again,  I just wanted to share something that inspired me today. And this is it.  I love how Carlo always tries something different and daring to hone his craft; how he uses people closest to him (like his wife) to create what's beautiful and of course,share that beauty.  Thanks, Carl.  Enjoy everyone.  See you soon.  

How about you? What inspired you today?  Share? Please. 

Fire Dance from Carlo Ledesma on Vimeo.
Fire Dancing is a form of Poi, a Maori art that involves spinning a set of tethered weights around a person's body in rhythmic patterns. It is a skill that takes patience to learn and years of dedication to master.

In most fire poi videos, the camera is locked off and the dance is captured as a whole from this static position. While that works in showing off the complexity of the moves, it doesn’t quite immerse the viewer in the whole experience.

For this video I wanted to slow the movements down to capture the lifelike characteristics of the fire, show how close it gets to the dancer's face and body, and to emphasize the grace and focus needed to control this dangerous yet beautiful entity.

Fire Dance was shot in Freshwater Beach Sydney, using a Red Epic.


Fire Dancer: Cat Juan-Ledesma

Director: Carlo Ledesma
Cinematographer: Sidat de Silva
Editor: Enzo Tedeschi

Visual Effects Supervisor: Matthew Graham
Visual Effects Technician: Jimmy Shen
Titles: Mark Bowey
Colourist: Sie Kitts

Makeup: Nicolle Adrichem
Camera Assistant: Richard Hawkins
Fire Safety Assistant: Alex Lee

Composer: Samantha Fonti

Produced by:

Matthew Graham
Carlo Ledesma
Enzo Tedeschi
Julian Harvey

Copyright allOrange Films 2012 all rights reserved

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