Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Holiday Round Up

I have a post coming up about what I've been up to these past few weeks but right now, I just wanted to touch base and share my holiday round up of your blogs; oh, and this video which I have been trying to meaningfully find a way to share with you for weeks.  Guess, this is that time...

How will you make the last few days of your break count?  Tell me about it.

Now for your blog posts ...
Visit your RSS Feeds, read, comment and enjoy!

  • Here is an excerpt: ..."happening in our English class discussion too. Everyone is sitting as a circle, all ready to share there point of view and what it means to them. Anyone can share their own idea, without getting distrusted by anyone. Its like a real life version, of when you are staring at the Google readers, waiting for someone else to post something, then commenting on it. The difference, is that we are face to face looking at each other and stating their own comment. All the statement, and comment about it is the first draft which is not edited at all. And maybe that is the beauty of discussion. Talking face to face, crushing or supporting each others comment, without editing."
  • New comer, Supanan shares her views on blogging 
  • An excerpt here too:  "Blogging made me think more about the world that I'm living in. Blogging also made me to have my own opinion and seeing others opinion too. If everyone just agree on one thing than everyone will miss out on different perspective."
  • Rommy's asks a great question here.  Can you define normal?  And shares her ideas on perspectives here. Both awesome. :) 
  • Natalia lets us peek into what she loved about her break
  • Min Suk shares a video (a rendition of Gangnam Style (acoustic version) and go ahead and read some of his interesting posts here
  • Attention, ColdPlay fans, Lucy talks about The Break Up here (warning: Glee Spoiler Alert) 
  • Another great post by George on seeing and meaning. Read it here.
  • Insightful post on perspective by Celia. Read it here.
  • Auguste insightfully shares his ideas on perspectives here
  • Love this this line from Ethan's post, which you can read hereI think writing with a different point of view is a skill and we need to have a good awareness of others in order to pen down their thoughts, I really have a newfound respect for authors who do that so well.
  • Are you a foodie? Then check out Nadia's post
  • Love love love the poetry on Suzanne's space.. Check it out here
  • Need some advice on what to do during the last few days of the break? Clara has some suggestions. Read them here
  • Elisa's holiday thoughts and misadventures, cleaning and discovering! Read about it here and here
  •  All Community fans out there, check out Emily's blog post on Abed. :) 
  • Love Emily's post on swimming. Make sure you read until the end. Wonderful writing here.
  • YOLO so read Shruti's blog here  
  •  A beautiful post on Silence by Ella. Read it here
  • Lucas looks closely at this link. Read about it here
  • Navya talks about William Blakes' verse here.
  • Niki shares some photos. Find out where she went during the break here
  • Phoebe asks the question why? Wondering why? Read here
  • An interesting juxtaposition by Rosie. Which would you prefer? 
  • If you love someone, what do you do?  Sam posts a suggestion
  • Kayman and his infinite passions. Read about his current preoccupation here 
  • Avni and Sarah write about their Sibu experience. Read about it here and here
  • Pallav writes about autobiographies here and shares a pretty useful video.  
  • Jack's stream of consciousness revealed here.  See what he talks about. 
  • Arjun and Dev also talk about their trips to Sibu. Check their posts out here and here
  • Finally, make sure you check out Mr. Raisdana's Holiday Land post.  A lot of cool stuff happening in his students' blogs as well. :)  
Anyway, I hope you are all getting a lot of rest.  Can't wait to see you all again, next week. 

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  1. I love this post. And the video was a great inspiration. See ya at school! Hope you are having a great holiday!
    Sammie <3